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Fort Lewis Soccer Schools

Here at Fort Lewis College, we pride ourselves on playing as a team to produce imaginative, entertaining and skillful soccer. Our unique style of play has led to 3 NCAA National Championship victories, with each win represented by a star on our beloved crest. Fort Lewis Soccer Schools are a fantastic introduction to the beautiful game.

From our Mini Kickers Soccer Schools for beginners to our Elite Soccer Schools for advanced players, we welcome boys and girls of all ability levels, aged between 5 and 18 years old.

Our Soccer Schools are based on the exact same principles that are practiced by the Fort Lewis teams each day on Dirks Field, the home of Skyhawk soccer. We share our philosophy and vision in a fun, social and positive learning environment, which we believe to be essential for the overall development of the individual.

With 3 NCAA titles and a home field at an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet, take your game to the highest level with Fort Lewis Soccer Schools!

Oige Kennedy

Boy's Soccer Schools Director 

Head Men's Soccer Coach  

Fort Lewis College

Damian Clarke

Girl's Soccer Schools Director

Head Women's Soccer Coach

Fort Lewis College





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